Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is Living well in these modern middle ages?
It is a complex concept.

Those of us who are active in a Medieval recreation society called the Society for Creative Anachronism often refer to it as "the modern Middle Ages" as we are doing the best aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance sans plague, sans pestilence, sans dysentery, sans raw sewage in the streets.

We fight with swords, shoot arrows, play music, eat lavish feasts prepared from medieval and renaissance recipes, wear clothing drafted from historic patterns using fabrics that were in use at the time, and drink beverages brewed from period recipes, and we look damn good doing it.
You ask how can you look damn good wearing uncomfortable clothes, eating bland food camped in a field? that is where the living well thing comes in. Yes we are camped in a field.

Our clothing is comfortable and fits well, the food is great and, oh yes we are not spending huge amounts of money to go it. Are we glamor camping? no, not really (although sometimes it looks like it) our friend Danny, well, he is. We know how to do things with style, and how to have the important parts perfectly documentable at some level. It's the little things, like buying roasts and knowing how to make great steaks from budget meats. My wife wanted veil pins after reading that in period the Flemish pins were the most sought after in Europe, I found 14th Century Flemish pins at an antiquities dealer and figured out how to make them. There are many little things that go into living well, and I will try to share some of them in this blog.
This is my first attempt at doing something like this so be gentle with me. I will be sharing things like recipes (I will try to get the recipe for the lamb empanadas my wife made last week to start with) how to cut a tenderloin roast for making filet, how to make portable camp furniture that packs flat, great people I know  who make clothing, pottery, and other items that I deal with, and of course some of the solutions I make.

Welcome to my little corner of the known world

I am known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Master John Michael Thorpe (OL)
In real life I am F. Page Steinhardt, proprietor of Sunshadow Design, I make jewelry, knives, and historical replicas

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